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Become an expert Android developer

Android is the most popular mobile environment. In this course we learn everything we need to know to build Android apps in a modern, professional way. We start with Kotlin foundations, learn Android system components, how to build User Interfaces, build different app screens, navigate through the app and a lot more. We learn all the libraries used by professional developers to build a modern app. Finally, we implement loads of practical apps, so that you have a well established portfolio of work at the end of this course.

Complete Kotlin

Kotlin is the foundation of Android development. Learn the basics and advanced functionality of Kotlin and become an expert in using Kotlin to build your app the way you like it. Practice your skills on a number of practical projects that will show you how to apply Kotlin in a real application. To build excellent Android applications requires great Kotlin development skills. In this course we go from a complete beginner to a professional developer. We will then use the skills learned here to build our applications.

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I am confident that you will love the courses. So much so that I am willing to guarantee it. If you’re unhappy after your purchase, simply send me a message, and I will refund you. That way, you are sure to be satisfied wither way.

Become an expert iOS developer

With a beautiful finish, a premium look and feel and a reputation for high quality, iOS is a favourite for many people. Developers often prefer working on iOS because the system is poweful and the potential for a successfull app is often excellent. In this course we learn everything necessary to build a modern, powerful app on iOS for iPhones. we will go from a complete beginner, learn the foundations of Swift, and study in detail the various aspects of the system. 

Note: This course is currently in development.

Swift is the development language behind the iPhone and the iOS system. We need a strong foundation in Swift in order to build quality apps at a professional level. In this course we will study in great detail all the aspects of the Swift development language. We will go from a complete beginner, through many concept discussions and practical examples, to finally learn everything we need to know to build apps in Swift.

Note: This course is currently in development.

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by Catalin

I build courses from my own experience working for over 10 years as a professional app developer. I’ve worked with many leading tech companies, such as Microsoft and Sky. I worked on greenfield projects as well as established apps with millions of users. So I know exactly what it takes to build a successful app.

Using the experience I’ve gained in my career, I’ve built courses to teach you app development from scratch. 

The courses here are easy to follow along, always available and guaranteed to make you a dev if you complete them. All the knowledge is there, all you need to do is follow the courses, watch the video and practice building the apps. I will guide you every step of the way.

I have an ever expanding library of courses. I constantly add more information, so you’re always sure to find something new here.