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This course will teach you everything you need to know about Android development and building mobile apps. There are many Android development resources online to choose from, but this course is special, as it provides you not only with a complete theoretical discussion on Android related topics, but also loads of exercises and interesting projects to build and practice your knowledge on.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to work professionally as an Android developer
  • Build a portfolio of Apps to showcase your skills
  • Join any team, add value to any project
  • Know the tools and libraries that are most commonly used in modern app development
  • Have the knowledge and skills to build your own apps and publish them on the playstore

The goal is to take you from any level of development you are at now, and turn you into an expert, professional Android developer.

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Other Android & Kotlin courses

Master the fundamentals and advanced features of Kotlin development.

Kotlin is the foundation of Android development. Learn the basics and advanced functionality of Kotlin and become an expert in using Kotlin to build your app the way you like it. Practice your skills on a number of practical projects that will show you how to apply Kotlin in a real application.

Foundational and advanced Kotlin Coroutines concepts, Android app applications, Retrofit, Room, MVVM

Coroutines are a simple and lightweight way to move your Kotlin code from sequential to parallel. Every Android app that accesses an API or that does data processing must use some form of parallelism, and Coroutines are the best way to do that in the Android ecosystem.

Improve your coding skills by learning Software Design Patterns applied to Kotlin and Android development

Design Patterns are common programming styles that have proven their usefulness in various project and across dev languages. In this course we explore how the most useful patterns are implemented in Kotlin, what each one is useful for and how you should use them in your code.

Learn to use all features of Retrofit for your Android network communication requirements

Retrofit is the most common library for accessing remote data and APIs on Android. It makes network communication very easy, but it also has a few hidden features that valuable to know. In this course we will go over all of Retrofit in detail.

Hilt with Kotlin in theory and practice in an Android application

Dependency Injection is now a standard in Android, as it allows apps to decouple creation and usage of objects. Hilt is Google’s answer to that, and will make your apps a lot more scalable and maintainable. Learn the basics of implementing in your apps, as well as the advanced features of the library.

Kotlin, Room, Navigation, Data Binding, MVVM, Notifications, Permissions and a lot more

Jetpack is a set of tools and libraries from Google that let easily build your apps. In addition, they allow you to make your apps highly scalable and maintainable, which is always a requirement for any long term Android project. In this course you will learn to use the Google Jetpack libraries.

Monetise your apps using AdMob ads, Video Ads, Paid apps, In app purchases, Subscriptions and more

Apps are a great way to generate passive income, but there are multiple ways to monetise your apps. Here we will go through all of them, and try them out in a real application, to give you a deep understanding of how to use each one.

Build a complete Instagram clone application using the latest Android Jetpack libraries and tools 2022

Instagram is probably the most popular image showcase platforms, and has millions of users worldwide. In this course we will learn how to implement a few of the most popular features of the app, and how we can create a complete app around those features.

Learn Android and build a Chat app similar to WhatsApp in Kotlin

In this course we will see how to build an app similar to the popular WhatsApp chat app. We will implement many features of the app, and show you how to apply those in a real app example, using live chat through a backend API built using Firebase.

Create your own dating app

Have you ever dreamed of having your own dating app? This course will give you a head start. In this course we will see how to implement the most popular features of the Tinder app, and build an application around those features. We will also implement a live chat functionality.

Learn Android by building a Twitter like App in Kotlin with Firebase as a network Backend

Twitter is one of the most social media popular platforms, and implementing its features in an app is a great way to learn. In this course we will implement its most popular features and build them in a full applicaion. We will also build a backend API in Firebase.

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